Who is Telling the Truth?


Well if you are like me, and actually care about making an informed decision on who to vote for in the upcoming presidential race, please watch the debates and then check out factcheck.org. (Not to be confused with factcheck.com which Mr. Cheney told all who watched the debate to go to and check out all the facts.

You will notice that both sides usually stretch the truth, but as you will see, some stretched truths are worse than others.

5 thoughts on “Who is Telling the Truth?”

  1. Doug

    Have you seen the new commercials where they have him say one thing, and then the opposite over and over? Pretty powerful brainwshing…..

  2. Doug

    I wonder if this is your “#1 post” based on hits for the instance of “fatchick.com”…..Ha, I just googled it. You are the #4 link. Congrats!

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