the mysterious b.o.


We are all aware of something called deoderant, right? Well, as I sat down next to an older woman on the train today, I thought all was well. I was coming home early, and had a seat next to someone who did not hog the seat nor talk loudly on her cell phone. A few minutes later, as the train filled up, a sudden scent had me looking in all directions, discreetly. Was it me? You always think it for a second, but without making any direct motions to smell myself, I realized it was not me. In front of me was an older man, hair sprouting from his ears as long as the hideous comb over. He wore his “member’s only jacket” with pride, but was it too hot for him? To the left of me was a guy from India, or somewhere in the eatern part of the world, but when he moved, the smell did not seem to waft over to me. I did not want to look behind me, but every once and awhile the smell would be over powering. After 20 minutes of the investigation, I got off the train, following my number one prospect, Mr. Member’s Jacket…but just as I thought I finally found PE #1, I did not smell anything. Mystery unsolved…foiled! Yes, Clue was one of my favorite games as a child.

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