Back to Eighth Grade…


I have been reliving life as an 8th grader in 1990-1991 again the last few days by playing my once/once again favorite game: Super Mario 3. I picked up Super Mario 3 for the Wii via the Virtual games and have been loving every second of my game play. It is amazing how much I remembered (secret areas, etc) and I just checked out a site that lists some goodies that I had forgotten about (coin ship, warp from world 1, etc). I always had fond memories of this game – and spent a lot of late nights with friends playing this – and even 18 years later – I find this game incredibly fun. Gotta love playing these classics on a huge TV 😉

3 thoughts on “Back to Eighth Grade…”

  1. Doug Blatti

    What a great business model. Sell the same content back to us that we already bought years ago. Bring on the RC pro (me) am (you)!

  2. Jennifer Zelazny

    Yeah – if only we could buy the rights to the actual game/music/video I would be very happy – but the people making the money clearly have us right where they want us.

  3. Julie

    Can’t wait for a rematch! We spent many an hour playing that game…I am sure it is just as addictive now 🙂

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