Weekend Changes


I always wondered at what age do people start doing things around the house on the weekends, clean windows, get concerned about weeds in the yard, and start remodeling projects. For me: age 31. The last few weeks A and I have been busy around the house getting our yard in order, I have been touching up paint, planning landscaping, and cleaning windows. Our hall bathroom is under construction, and I plan to spend the long weekend outside painting and start really landscaping. Wow. I guess gone are the days where I played Grand Theft Auto III all weekend and did a lot of nothing and here are the days when the thought of dandelions in my yard drive me insane! Welcome to adulthood 😉

2 thoughts on “Weekend Changes”

  1. Doug Blatti

    Ahh yes – there will be several more epiphanies and before you know it you will be shaking your fist yelling “Get off my lawn punks!”. Let me know when you get to that stage and we can start meeting up for coffee at 5am.

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