Wedding Registries


Well, it is that time again, a relative is getting married and has registered for gifts. While I think wedding registers are very helpful for people that actually want to get people what they want, I also find some of the items a bit much. Enter, the $45.00 nickel plated toilet brush. Yes, a nickel plated toilet brush cleaner. Do not worry, a $150.00 nickel plated ice bucket can is also on the list. Perhaps I am alone in thinking that asking for a $45.00 toilet cleaner is a bit much. Especially with the introduction of the flushable one. To me that seems more practical. You know what, since you put it on there, that is what I am going to buy you. Every time you clean your toilet with that, you can think of me…and I cannot wait to see the thank you. I may also add in a donation to the human fund too, to go with the practical theme.

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