My McDonalds Experience in 750 Characters Or Less


McDonalds is asking old/current McDonalds employees to share their McDonalds experience with them in 750 characters or less so here is what I submitted:
I love McDonalds, I always have. Nothing sounded better to me when I was little than a plain hamburger happy meal, in a cool box, with great McDonalds cookies, coke, and that playground. When I turned 17 I knew I wanted to work at McDonalds. One squirt of ketchup, one shot of mayonnaise, 42 seconds for the burgers – everything was well thought out and I appreciated that. From my experience at McDonalds, I learned a number of lessons that have helped me today as a web developer. First, know your customer. Second, with efficient operating procedures you can do your job effectively. Third, service with a smile works wonders. I am very proud and very glad to have had the opportunity to have McDonalds be my first job.

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