Pre Office Space Movie: the SNL Cartoons


Every once and awhile I will get bored, so I sit down in front of the TV, hit the TiVo button on the remote and search for upcoming programs I think I would like to watch. A few days ago, I decided it would be nice to record some old SNLs (old=1990s). You really cannot get enough of Chris Farley, right?

Last night I decided I needed some downtime after facing some frustration with talking to people in India about my new mortgage company’s screw up. Anyways, I decided to watch the SNL that Sara Gilbertson hosted in 1994.

Great skits for the most part, but the last one really blew my mind. I remember watching this episode live but the last skit completely slipped my mind. I am also an avid Office Space fan, so when I saw the last skit was a cartoon written by Mike Judge called Office Space I was blown away. It was basically a cartoon version of a scene from the movie Office Space, and it was great!

So, if you get a chance, catch some old SNL episodes and check out the cartoon version of the movie we all know and love.

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