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McDonald's Shamrock Shake is Back!

As I was ordering my Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from McDonald’s this morning – I noticed the Shamrock shake is now available! My recommendation: ask for it half Shamrock/half chocolate for a real treat!


We All Make Mistakes…Even McDonalds

I was just about to write a post about how excited I was that McDonalds is starting up their Monopoly game and when I went to go to their web site to get some details – I got the generic Apache page (indicating a web server issue). While I am still excited about Monopoly – […]

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Jappler Recommends: McDonalds' Online Monopoly Game

If there is one thing I absolutely love about McDonalds (besides their superior Coke mixture) I love their Monopoly game. I even dreamt about the game a few nights ago that I pulled off Park Place and Boardwalk from the same Coke…and won $246. With that said – the excitement of pulling off the little […]


McDonalds is Podcasting

Wow. While driving around today, I passed a McDonalds and saw on their sign that they now had “snack wraps“. I went home and after dinner, while playing some literati, decided to go to Mcdonalds’ web site and see if I could figure out what this new product was…and low and behold…I got a lot […]


My McDonalds Experience in 750 Characters Or Less

McDonalds is asking old/current McDonalds employees to share their McDonalds experience with them in 750 characters or less so here is what I submitted: I love McDonalds, I always have. Nothing sounded better to me when I was little than a plain hamburger happy meal, in a cool box, with great McDonalds cookies, coke, and […]


New McDonalds (50th Anniversary Restaurant)

Someone like me cannot pass up McDonalds events. 😉 McDonalds will always have a special place in my heart after working there in high school and college and then passing on tips and tricks of the trade. Doug even bought me a McDonalds book that I absolutely loved. Ok, to get to the point…McDonalds opened […]