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If nothing else – I can look back on 2020 and say even though Imay have been in lockdown do to COVID-19, I pushed myself to get in the best shape of my life.
This workout has combines three of my favorites: Ultimate Sandbags, boxing, and pushing myself to the limit.


Ten two minute rounds with a 30 second break. The odd number rounds = boxing. The even number rounds = sandbag work. For the boxing rounds – you can do whatever you want (set combinations, shadowboxing, etc) For the sandbag rounds try this:

  1. Cleans
  2. Snatches
  3. Max Lunges with a clean in the middle
  4. Cleans

Note – before you start this workout – try each sandbag move for 30 seconds. Aim to meet or beat that in 30 second chunks during the 2 minute rounds. Example – if you can do 15 cleans in 30 seconds – aim for 60 in the 2 minute chunk.

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