Another 12 Round Tuesday

Boxing Workouts

Another Tuesday, another much needed 12 round boxing workout after another high stress day in these COVID-19 times…

The Warm Up:

Three two minute rounds of jump rope. Focus on your breathing/footwork. Nothing fancy/no tricks.

The Rounds:

Ten 2 minute rounds with a 20 second break in between each round. Finish with pushups (push yourself to a few more than you want – without failure).

Round 1
Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Cross

Round 2
Jab/Jab/Right Uppercut/Move/Cross

Round 3
Cross/Left Hook Body/Left Hook Head/Cross

Round 4
Right Uppercut/Left Uppercut/Right Hook/Left Hook

Round 5
Jab/Overhand Right/Left Uppercut/Cross

Round 6
Jab/Cross/Cross/Left Hook

Round 7
Jab Cross/Slip Right/Duck Left/Left Uppercut/Right Uppercut

Round 8
Jab/Cross/Hook/Slip Left/Duck Right/Cross/Jab Out

Round 9
Four fast straight punches/move/repeat

Round 10
Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Right hook

Round 11
Jab/Cross/Hook/Cross/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross

Round 12
Dealer’s choice. Work on what you might have struggled with in 1-11

Think strong! Stay strong! Be strong!

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