Building Boxing Combos

Boxing Workouts

This workout focuses on building a series of combinations over time and then finishes with a twenty minute crowd favorite.


Start off with a six minute warm-up and then two twenty minute (non-stop/no breaks) rounds.

Warm up

30 seconds on/5 seconds off; Two times through.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Squats
  3. Skaters
  4. Squats with calf raise at the end
  5. Skiers
  6. Inchworms

First Twenty Minutes

* Note – I have written these out for an orthodox stance.
We are going to break this down into four five minute chunks where we reset and start a new combination every five minutes. You can add on to the combination every 30 seconds to a minute (whatever feels right). When working on these – focus on movement, changing angles, and different timing. Imagine you have an opponent in front of you and you add on punches to keep them or put them where you want.

For the first five minutes – start with a Jab/Cross.
Add in: Left Hook
Add in: Cross
End with: Cross

Next five minutes – start with Jab/L Hook
Add in: Cross
Add in: Right Uppercut
End with: Jab

Next five minutes – start with Cross/Right Hook
Add in: Right Uppercut
Add in: Jab
End with: Cross

Last five minutes – start with Jab/Jab/Cross
Add in: Left Uppercut
Add in: Cross
End with: Jab/Cross

Second Twenty Minutes

For the last twenty minutes you focused on timing, movement – now it is time to focus on power. Do not leave anything behind – time to get it all out.

50 Jabs
50 Crosses
40 Jab/Cross
30 Jab/Cross/Hook
20 Jab Cross/Hook/Uppercut
10 Jab Cross/Hook/Uppercut/Squat

50 Right Uppercuts
40 Right Uppercut/Left Hook
30 Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross
20 Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Jab
10 Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Jab/Squat Jump

50 Right Hook
40 Right Hook/Left Uppercut
30 Right Hook/Left Uppercut/Cross
20 Right Hook/Left Uppercut/Cross/Left Hook
10 Right Hook/Left Uppercut/Cross/Left Hook/Surrender

You can add in more of these (kicks and elbows work great too) if you have more time left too.

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