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I recently finished up a web site (using WordPress as a CMS of course) for a client who besides being a client is an amazing writer. He has a best selling project management book (The Art of Project Management) and has another one coming out in the next month. If you have a few minutes, take a look at his web site and read his blog or some of his essays to learn more about design, project management, working with others, and all kinds of smart tips.

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Serenity Now!

Too Elite For Elite

Well, after a few months of using Yahoo!/SBC Global Elite (fast) DSL, I am moving back to using Comcast’s high speed cable. The speed was horrible, the support was horrible (I spoke to a “Mac Expert” who did not know that traceroutes could be done on a Mac, they thought it was only a “Windows […] WordPress

giving wp-cache a try.

I have been going back and forth for awhile about whether to cache or not to cache, and I decided to finally try it with this site. I have heard many good things about the WP-Cache plugin and got it installed today. If you notice a difference in load times over the course of the […]