Well, I have done it again, a slight redesign to the eye, but a major overhaul on the backend. I have pretty much converted all what once were graphics into text with CSS. I have been working on this for a few weeks now and when I get a few minutes here and there, I edit it and make improvements. I still have a few pieces (like getting the blog tab to stay highlighted when it should) to put in place to complete it, but it is mostly done. Some minor logic changes and I will be set. It was time to shed some of the graphic weight (tabs, right column bars, etc) and control to gain a more lightweight, easy to manage web design.
web sites that I found useful when re-designing jappler.com:


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jappler.com Serenity Now!

time to take a big deep breath.

The last week has been absolutely crazy. I had a house full of house guests from Thursday until Sunday Amy and I brought Ava to her new home on Saturday where she has a 14 year old greyhound sister as well as a beagle too Huge storms here on Sunday/Monday…so strong our front door (glass/screen) […]

Web Development

roundcube webmail.

I had another busy weekend this past weekend and one of my many tasks was to download and try RoundCube webmail (PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS). I have been using Squirrelmail since early 1999 but was intrigued my Alex King’s post on RoundCube webmail a few weeks ago. The install was painless and I had everything […]