jappler.com for at least two more years.


When I first chose jappler.com as my domain name I was not sure if I would stick with it…but now two years later it is really starting to stick and I just renewed my domain name for two more years. Heck, one of these days I might actually start using a jappler.com email address. For now, I still stick with the Mac tax email address.

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Taking a Day Off!

Well, I am finally going to step away from my computer for a day this weekend to just relax, fish, play some golf with Doug, and enjoy the summer. Never fear, I will be back working on Sunday (some on my WP plugin). Until then…. [tags]golf, Doug Blatti[/tags]

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creating google maps.

I just finished a quick project for a friend that used Google Maps. I was approached with the question: “I want to create a map that will illustrate the two hotel options and the reception hall for my wedding invitation. Do you know of any mapping software that I could use to do this?” I […]