First Days Working From Home

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Well, the first two days of working at home have gone great. I have gotten more stuff done before 8am than I can usually do by the time 8pm comes around. I am able to get up, spend some time with my son, workout, shower, and then start working all in the time it would usually take me to get to my office. During lunch, Triscuit, Evan, and I go on a nice walk and then come back for some more work. Not to mention, I can now also stop working much earlier and enjoy some time with the family. Good times. Why did I not “retire” (as Dad Muller would say) earlier? All the while, I get to work with interesting clients on really cool projects which forces me to keep building my skill set.

3 thoughts on “First Days Working From Home”

  1. Ken

    Great to hear that it’s going well! Avoiding the long commute is such a huge benefit.

  2. Kelly Colligan

    Jen, I’m glad to hear that your “retirement” is going well, but we miss you already! It’s just not the same…

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