Instead of practicing my short game or enjoying the nice weather in the backyard on the hammock, I decided to spend my day yesterday squashing IE 6 bugs. Issue #1 and #2 that took me several hours to resolve: Everything displayed fine in Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc but not in IE 6 for the PC. The margins seemed to be doubled. If I used: margin-left:24px; everything would display correctly in Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc but if I dropped the margin to 12px from 24px, my CSS would display correctly in IE and IE alone. After a few hours of writing and rewriting, and rewriting, and getting really frustrated I decided it was time to research because I was no longer thinking clearly. I did a google search for “margin, CSS, IE” and the first link provided the solution. A simple display:inline fixed my problems and became my new best friend. I should have taken a step back after two hours…but I am working with very complicated CSS and so I thought I just had to be missing something in one of my IDs. Where was that crazy margin hiding? Thank goodness I figured it out! display:inline.
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2 thoughts on “display:inline.”

  1. Dad M

    Ah, yes, the (eventually) simple ones!! I used the following example in class as to why it is so important to check in all browsers.

    Look at this in IE:

    Looks OK. Now look in Firefox!

    Oh, by the way, I didn’t do the site!!!

  2. jenz

    Yes, not too much else frustrates me more as a web developer than poorly implemented or overlooked code. I usually try to test everything in at least 7 browsers on 4 platforms. Others, do not care. Fun times!

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