what is going on here?


What is going on here? Adobe announced http://opensource.adobe.com/ which allows the open source community to have access to some of Adobe’s great C++ libraries in the past few days. I am, for the first time in my life, installing a non Apple OS on my PowerBook…Mandrake Linux 10.1. Wow. Sun…your turn…and please do not forget about us PPC users 😉 . What is next? Oh that’s right, I am also installing my friend Mac OS X Server on my PB too. I am never quite sure why, but at this point…why not?

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Mac OS X Firefox Themes

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Happy Tenth Birthday Yahoo! and Apache.

Today, Yahoo! is celebrating their tenth birthday, and to celebrate, they are giving away free ice cream…just print out the coupon! Apache also recently hit their ten year birthday. Good work!