UNIX/LINUX training update.


Well, two parts of my training done, and two more to go. I have to say, when I saw that I would have to spend 40 hours learning about networking and dns, I was a little worried, but now looking back at it, I really learned a lot and enjoyed what I learned. Who knew?

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access your home computers from anywhere

There comes a time when you are at work, travelling, or somewhere where you “really wish you could access your home computer(s).” Some people are fortunate enough to have static ips so they can simply access their computer by using their static IP. For most of us, we have to deal with dynamic IPs. For […]


iPod Tattoos

Well, I finally made it over to HP’s web site to look at the “iPod tattoos” and interested to see what these actually look like. I was not sure of the actual process, but it looks pretty much like a label, only it goes over the iPod. I see lots of people with iPods on […]