installing Solaris 10, part 2.


Well. Now that I have Soalris 10 installed (failure on disk 2 and disk 3), I have been trying to learn the ins and outs of the system. I have been struggling with trying to get Java Desktop System 3 to start up. I can work in Common Desktop Environment without any technical problems, but who wants to work in that? Since I had some failures with disks 2 and 3 with several attempts, I am going to try and do the install using NFS via my Mac Mini to try and eliminate any possible CD issues. At this point, I am warn out. Just when I think I have a solution, I run into another problem, but I am last install will pay off. I now, after spending hours at and reading a lot in the Sun forums, have a better idea about my partition needs as well as now knowing the install inside and out. (So I guess not all is lost) This has been quite the learning process, but I still have confidence that all this hard work will pay off. If nothing else, I now also know CDE. More to come.
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