podcasts, nano, emacs, vps, and magnetic poetry.

Apple UNIX

  • podcasts: I am a workaholic. I stop to take the dog out, eat, and watch Guiding Light. My grandmother listened to it on the radio. My mother watched it on the TV, and now, I can make the next jump in technology…CBS is now offering each episode as a podcast.
  • iPod nano: Good work Apple. This new iPod is a great display of your amazing design.
  • emacs: Today I officially made the move to emacs for my new text editor of choice. I have been trying to make the move since last spring…and the day is finally here. Pico and nano were fun, but time to move on.
  • vps: Damn it is cool to have your own personal UNIX server. I have had a lot of fun setting up Apache, MySQL, Exim, BIND, etc….and soon to be Q3A Server.
  • magnetic poetry: Everyone needs a break. Try relaxing with some magnetic poetry.

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Hosting jappler.com

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