tired of the finder (a boxing match: starring applications that don't play nicely with others).


I am tired of the Finder. I am tired of trying to copy something in BBEdit while a BBEdit window is in the foreground, but I end up copying something from GoLive. Today…the Finder thought it was GoLive. Tomorrow? (but damn Mac OS X is pretty)

One thought on “tired of the finder (a boxing match: starring applications that don't play nicely with others).”

  1. Ben

    Back in the classic Mac OS, hiding those floating windows was entirely the application’s responsibility. I would hope that in the transition to OS X, the API’s have windows that will auto-hide when the application leaves the foreground. Either way, it’s going to be Adobe’s problem. -Either their doing it the old way, improperly. -Or their doing it the old way, improperly, AND not taking advantage of useful functionality in the APIs.

    You probably haven’t played any with XWindows before.. That system focuses the active window automatically for you, if I recall correctly, with whatever window your mouse cursor is in. I remember seeing/hearing of a utility that would do that in OS X. Might be fun for you to try.

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