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Well, I am halfway through my UNIX filesystem training and I wanted to share some useful commands I have learned along the way:

  • grep -i = grep ignoring cases
  • grep -v name = grep ignoring all lines with “name” in it
  • grep word * = grep in the current directory for all lines with “word” in it
  • pwd = command to tell you waht directory you are in
  • cat = will display files quickly (like pico but read only)
  • hitting “q ” in while viewing a man page or other text will take you to a prompt
  • less = reads a file (less is used to show man pages by default) you can use the arrow keys to scroll in the document
  • which = finds command path
  • locate = finds filename in filename database (database is updated with the command updatedb)
  • find = finds file names, but actually looks through the filesystem (more resource intensive)
  • tar xzvf file.tar.gz = that will decrompress and exapnd the archive

I will be adding more as I go through the rest of my training, but so far I am very happy with my training through O’Reilly and the University of Illinios.

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