Safari on Windows XP


SafariAs a web developer, new browser releases both excite me and scare me. When I heard about Safari coming out for the PC (Beta available to download) I got pretty excited. I really like the speed of Safari on the Mac and was eager to see how it would perform on the PC.

For quality assurance testing, I have found if I can get everything to work in Safari – it is only a few steps, at most, to get everything working in my core browsers (IE 6, IE 7, Safari 2+, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2+) so I am eager to add Safari 3 into the mix. At first glance it was odd seeing the Safari icon on the Windows desktop, and the menu bar items within the browser window, but I have to say – all the sites rendered beautifully – finally for all those PC users. I am excited to see how this develops – good work Apple!

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