Squirrelmail 1.5


I have been a long time SquirrelMail web mail user (Since 1998). I have always relied on it when I needed to check my email if I was away from home or the office. Last month, I decided to dump SquirrelMail for RoundCube Webmail I was sick of the SquirrelMail interface and tired of waiting for the next release. After a few days with RoundCube Webmail – I have decided to go back to SquirrelMail because of it’s reliability and functionality. Although RoundCube Webmail is beautiful, it does not support rules (filters) or much of anything else – your mail is just “there”. SquirrelMail has all kinds of plugins to add in functionality and I have grown to appreciate it. Anyways – if you are thinking about installing a web mail package – I would recommend sticking with SquirrelMail – at least for now. I installed the latest development version (1.5.1) and have noticed that it is a lot peppier than the stable release and I have not had any problems so far. Now to make it prettier…

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