iBook logic board failure.


For the past few weeks, A’s 500mhz dual USB iBook has been acting a bit flaky. Every time she or I would open the iBook and wake it from sleep, you would have to carefully adjust the angle of the open lid, a 1/32 of an inch this way or that way could mean you would have video or lose video. I finally had enough so I decided it was time to look on-line to see if I could somehow open up the case and re-seat the sensor. I figured it had to be a lose cable that was causing the problem because the iBook is about 3.5 years old and it had been opened and closed several thousand times…a lose cable to the sensor just made sense. As I went to the Apple Discussions > iBook > Displays, I found a thread that had over 300 replies and bingo…it was exactly what I was experiencing. One of the messages referenced Apple’s iBook Logic Board Replacement policy, so I then went to that page and then headed to the closest Apple Store. The Apple genius confirmed the problem and told me I was lucky I brought the iBook in when I did because it would not have been a free repair after December 18th. Wow. Close call.

Sadly Mac OS X 10.3.6 has really slowed it down and A and I begain talking about an upgrade. Depending on Christmas/tax returns, looks like a nice 12 inch PowerBook might be in the future.

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