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I am not a WebObjects programmer, but I know one ;)…but please, I have had just about enough with .mac web mail. With errors like: “Did not receive any response from application. It is possible that the application does not exist, or that the requested url is incorrect.” topped off with a little does of no junk mail support, and no filtering…I just do not understand. How much effort does it take to make filtering a possibility? I have been using Squirrelmail for years now and it has some nice features, such as…you guessed it, filtering. Apple, don’t you see the opportunity? If you somehow offered filters, aka rules, and made them like our bookmarks, and address book…mobile via iSync, that would be amazing. I have been a paying customer since the beginning of the end of the “free for life” accounts. I think I have been patient. Time to get with the program. Give me some filters/rules!! (Junk mail filters can be apart of that.)

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