expect the expected.

Serenity Now!

I can get riled up easily, but I am trying to work on that. Things easily get to me, such as summer time on the Metra, dealing with Internet Explorer’s “standards“, dealing with certain people who still do not realize that a phone works both ways, and the regardless of how much quality work I output, I am going to get the same treatment as the person who sleeps at their desk or does the bare minimum to “look busy”. I expect things in life: fair treatment (no double standards), hard work will pay off, people should be equal in relationships, people should have some sense of humor, and that when I go to McDonalds and order a plain hamburger, I do not get one with that still tastes like dehydrated onions and pickles even when I scrape all that crap off. Well…last week I picked up one of A’s healthy magazines and read an article that really made me think. One of the points in this article which explained “how to get along with anyone” really stuck with me: “Expect the expected.” So just as Frank Costanza would say “Serenity Now“, I am trying to say “Expect the expected!” Oh how I would love to really say more, but I will be nice.

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Serenity Now!

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