half can of coke, nine pretzels and a marching band.

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Having grandparents that moved to Florida a few years, there are times when I find myself on a flight to see them. I went down for the weekend for a family emergency (Queen of all card playing was in the hospital), so my sister and I made a last minute decision to fly down and see her. Well, I am not one for layovers…but I would do anything for my grandmother, so I had a two hour layover in a midwestern city I had never been in before…and that is where the excitement began!

I already have issues about flying to and from FL to begin with because you have a 99% chance of being on a flight with more wheel chairs and strollers than not, but this time I happened to be on the other 1% of all flights to FL…the one with a 100-150 piece middle school marching band that had finally made it to play at Disney World.

We took off late because the marchers could not get their seating arrangements worked out. This friend wanted to sit with that friend but did not want to sit by the other person, etc. This was pretty exciting for some because it was the first time they ever flew anywhere but between the flashes of the cameras, combined with the late departure because the seating situation, coupled with all the “coolness”, well I was ready for a Yuengling. (at least I was not on Spirit Air) I am not a fan of turbulance, but for once, I had to smile when we hit turbulance because the marchers knew for a few minutes that they were just not as cool as they thought they were. 😉 But fortunately they felt cool once again and began the count down until landing when we were close to the ground.
Moral of the story…I have yet to have a “normal” FL flying experience when going to see the grandparents, but in the end I guess it is all worth it.

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    You can post comments, I just have to approve them before they show up because of spam. I would have been happy to hear some marching band tunes from 30,000 feet, but did not have any luck!

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Serenity Now!

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