Keeping Track of Fitness Activities with RunKeeper


A friend of mine recommended an iPhone app for me as we were recently talking about running/walking/keeping track of our exercise. I remember one of my friends a few years ago told me she kept track of her totals on the refrigerator helped motivate her everyday. I started doing the same and it is true. Another great motivator is to share your details with friends/family. RunKeeper does just that. The iPhone app uses GPS to track your run/bike/walk and then calculates your time/speed per mile, and even plots your route. You can also track your weight, (even sleep), set goals, and see your progress over the last few days or months. If you are looking for a motivator to exercise or simply want to track your progress – give RunKeeper a shot. Note – you do not need an iPhone to use this. You can keep track of everything by just using their web site as well.

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This weather is just amazing – 50s and sunny. Let's home for some clear nights so we can see our beautiful neighboring planets & stars. # Excitedly awaiting to order the Nike Fuelband on April 8. #nike # Finally caught up with 30 Rock. Up next? New River Monsters. #