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Well, google has a new beta product out there: Google Blog Search. Yeah, most blogs are included in Google’s search index, but if you want to exclusively search for blog posts, you now have that option. Pretty slick.

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System Monitoring with Nagios – Part 1 of 4

I have decided to write a three part article on the benefits of using Nagios. This first article will focus on why I chose Nagios/what it offers. The second article will focus on installing Nagios on Mac OS X. The third article will focus on configuring Nagios. The fourth article will focus on improving the […]


Triscuit Update

Ah Triscuit. She is such a champ. She now officially loves using a pillow (like in the picture from yesterday’s post), and is not limping as bad as Sunday. Of course, she walks perfect when other dogs are around, but getting up out of bed is still a little hard. She does not too much […]