Flock Rocks!


I downloaded Flock (web browser) a few months ago and used it on occasion, but never really spent any time with it…until last night. Since I blog daily, I thought it might be cool to check out some of blogging tools that are built into Flock. I really like the “drag stuff to blog it!” option so when I see something cool I want to blog about I can drag text or images to the box and it automatically creates a link to whatever in a new jappler.com blog post. Pretty sweet. If you can drag and drop, you can upload pictures to Flickr. All you need to do is drag any pictures you want to upload to the grey area at the top of the browser window. Pretty slick x2! Flock also has another great feature…it can import your del.icio.us or Shadows bookmarks and then syncs your local bookmarks with your online bookmarks! Very cool.

Flock’s tagline is: “Flock is the free web browser that makes it easier to share and connect with your friends.” and after playing with it for a short time, I completely agree. If you are a blogger or are a Flickr user, you should check out Flock. Flock is currently available as a Developer Preview and is free. Flock will run on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows…so download it and check it out!

4 thoughts on “Flock Rocks!”

  1. Will Pate

    Hey Jennifer,

    Glad to hear you’re liking Flock. Our first beta release, Cardinal, is coming out later this month. If you like it now, we’re hoping you’ll love it then.

    Anything we can do to make Flock better? Just let us know.


    Will Pate
    Community Ambassador, Flock

  2. jenz

    Thanks for the good news about the beta. The only thing you can do to make Flock better (so far in my opinion) is to get more people using it 😉 I am very happy it is based on FireFox 1.5.x and my favorite FireFox extensions work. Great work, and good luck with your girl.

  3. Dustin

    I love this browser. It works great and its not even in Beta yet! Its slow albeit, but it’s developer preview right now. I love the flickr integration. Haven’t tried out the blogging features yet but I’ll get to it.

  4. jenz

    I agree Dustin, for a browser in such an early stage it is very cool. I look forward to seeing the upcoming release. If Flock could somehow offer an upload capibility for their blogging integration (good call Doug), it would make blogging that much cooler with Flock.

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