There is a really cool web site out there that I stumbled across a few days ago: EveryBlock.com. This really cool web site lets you look at events and places on a “neighborhood” level. You can see all crimes, photos, Craigslist listings, businesses, film locations, etc by entering in a zip code or by choosing a neighborhood. This is a really cool tool – especially if you are thinking about moving into a new neighborhood. This was a great find because it has Chicago as one of it’s pilot cities! I look forward to watching this site grow.

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I am a huge fan of all Despair.com items, but I had not been there for a few months so when I saw they are now selling shirts (DespairWear) I got really excited. Expect to see me sporting one of these in the near future!

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Career Advice for College Students (or Anyone)

I returned from a trip to my alma mater, The Pennsylvania State University, a few days ago after getting asked to speak at the History Department career fair. I was one of seven speakers at the event. We all had various non-traditional history degree careers (which was the point) and surprisingly we all had a […]