TiVo Mobile


I am a huge TiVo fan (TiVO – not your clunky generic DVR). Outside of TiVo – I cannot thinkg of anything I have used/seen technologically that have worked as expected for years now and still after years of the same – are still as impressive to me as the first time I used them. Skip commercials, view all my photos from my computers, listen to any music I have encoded on my computers, check weather, play games, order videos, season pass shows across multiple channels, record shows by actor, etc, all while being fast and looking and sounding great.

A few weeks (or was it months?) ago I read something about TiVo Mobile. This is a site that is built for mobile devices to make it easy to search for shows and then set your TiVo(s) to record them. I have been using my phone to do this sort of thing since I had a Treo 600 – but this new mobile only site makes it super easy to find that program you forgot to record.

Within a few minutes you can choose your show to record, set a season pass or view upcoming episodes. Thanks TiVo – great job!

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