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No One Knows Me Like TiVo…

I recently upgraded to a TiVo Premiere a few weeks ago and since the hardrive is significantly bigger than my previous Series 2 TiVo – I decided to let TiVo make suggestions of what to record with TiVo suggestions and was pleasantly surprised. I have gotten back into the original Batman series (Adam West, Gilligan’s […]


TiVo Mobile

I am a huge TiVo fan (TiVO – not your clunky generic DVR). Outside of TiVo – I cannot thinkg of anything I have used/seen technologically that have worked as expected for years now and still after years of the same – are still as impressive to me as the first time I used them. […]


tagging with tivo!

I recently got a second TiVo and hooked it up last night and to my delight, when I upgraded the software, I found out that I could now use tags with TiVo. First tag I will put in? “Sela Ward” followed by “Chicago”. I am a nut for Sela’s work as well as all movies/shows […]


TiVO To Go for Mac

Finally, as a Mac user, I can use TivoToGo, but there is a downside…it comes with Toast. (I thought I was done with Toast in the late 1990s). Still, I appreciate their effort and will most likely buy it.



If you have TiVo, and any digitial video on your computer, you might be interested in something I recently read about: TiVoServer To make this more exciting, there are Mac versions! [tags]TiVo, TiVoServer[/tags]


Oregon Trail Goodness

Oregon Trail is one of my favorite games of all times. As I was watching RocketBoom on Monday (brought to me by my TiVo), I had to laugh when I saw Amanda’s shirt “You have died of dysentery” because I absolutely loved it. As a die hard fan, who still plugs in my Apple IIgs […]


Yum, TiVO Updates!

After turning on my TiVo this afternoon I noticed some awesome changes. I now have access to Yahoo! Photos, Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo! Traffic, Live 365 Radio Network, Fandango, Podcasts, and games. I am excited to try out the scrabble 😉 Nice work TiVo. If nothing else, I am excited about the traffic and weather options. […]


Why I Love TiVo

Sure the little noises are cool, and fast forwarding the commercials has been a time saver, but I have to hope people are taking advantage of the Home Media Option, and TiVo Desktop.