Why I Love TiVo


Sure the little noises are cool, and fast forwarding the commercials has been a time saver, but I have to hope people are taking advantage of the Home Media Option, and TiVo Desktop.

Case in point…yesterday while I was working in the livingroom and I wanted to listen to some music. Being the computer person that I am, most of my music collection sits on my G4 Cube in my home office. From my TiVo, I am able to go navigate through all my music, playlists, and bookmarked internet radio stations, so I was able to listen to my favorite internet radio station in the livingroom, via my TiVo and my home stereo setup. Not too bad.

Dinner rolls around, and I realize I forgot to record one of my favorite shows…so I grab my Treo 600 (phone), fire up the web browser, and connect to TiVo Central, where I can access my TiVo hardware and schedule it to record my show remotely. I get an email confirmation letting me know that it recorded, so I am able to enjoy dinner and then come home to enjoy my recorded TV show.

I am able to view all my pictures on my computers via TiVo too with the Home Media Option, so if you ever want to show your friends/family some of your pictures, you no longer have to huddle around the computer, you can do it from the comfort of your livingroom!

Go TiVo!

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