thanks gop! (for ruining for a week)


I am a CNN junky, but unfortunately for me, I have to cut back this week due to all the pictures of the GOP Convention. I like Laura Bush, I think she has great intensions, although I would have liked to see more of her in the last four years. I respect Giuliani, and well, Terminator 2 is my all time favorite movie, so I can handle seeing the T-800 Model 101 on stage, but I have had enough of W and the “twins” all over the media. Yeah, thanks for taking time away from getting arrested to show up at the convention. W…as a historian and as a Young Republican in college, I force myself watching some of the convention, and I will watch your speech. I am truly interested in what you have to say, but please…enough of this “compassionate conservatism”. Oh right, compassionate on your terms, with your beliefs. Obviously, what is best for the religious right wing is best for everyone. Please, “compaasionate conservatism” makes me just about as sick as hearing you say “resolve”. Anyway, I cannot wait until your face and your daughters’ is not plastered on and the papers so I can look at them again to keep up on the crazy Russian situations!

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