River Crests


Well, growing up in a non-flooding (in my lifetime) region, the idea of a river cresting is somewhat like any physics theory for me…very hard to grasp. So as I sit here in my midwestestern suburb, near a flooding river (record flood)…I am forced to wait for this river crest thing to happen in two days. I am just sitting here in shock. So this is where I will end the post. Just trying to imagine this thing called a “river crest.”

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Well, after spending the last few days sandbagging and preparing for a record breaking flood, I learned quite a bit. First and foremost..how to properly sandbag a soon to be flooded area. Second, there are a lot of weird personalities in my community. We had the “shovenist male”: “I do not mean to be a […]


Chicago and Hot Dog Stands

I often find myself watching Chicago specials on our local PBS station. The several “Exploring Chicago by the EL” and other Chicago based programs can often be found on my TV late at night or when I cannot find anything else on. I found myself watching a new Chicago show last week that claimed that […]