Brown With Black and Black With Navy


For all those people out there that find it acceptable to wear brown shoes with a black outift, or black shoes with a navy outift please do yourself a favor and stop the insanity! We should really have informercials on major fau pauxs (yeah maybe I cannot spell, but I know what shoes to wear with my outfits).
Let me break it down for all of you:
Black pants or black shirt=black shoes
Navy pants or a navy shirt (with jeans/khakis, etc)=brown shoes

The only exception…the airline workers. I feel for them and always pay close attention to what they wear. They have such dark navy outfits, black is ALMOST acceptable for them. (Ideally they hope to find XTREME! navy shoes)

With all that said you now know how stupid I feel like when I got dressed in the dark and slipped on a pair of brown shoes with my black shirt on. I thought my shoes were my black ones until I got to the train station. I feel like a I have gigantic red clown shoes on. Today I will be hiding out at my desk with my feet not exposed to the public. Let’s hope the day goes by fast!!

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