The Engineer Returns


Well…if you go back about a week in the postings personalities you will meet the “engineer” of the group…and well, he returned yesterday as we were moving the nasty, wet, stinky sandbags from my house to the road. As we were moving the sandbags on dollies and wagons, the engineer approached and asked if we wanted help. Frankly neither of us wanted to even see him, so we said no. Then he busted out “well since I did half of them I might as well help remove them.” If I was not so damn hot and tired, I would have smartly (me, no!) responded “Well you mean, since I did not do any, sure I will help you” but before my mind could spit that out, my partner in crime already was blasting the engineer and telling him we did not need help. He kept sticking around, so I told him I was about to go in, but he could do some if he wanted. He lifted one onto his shoulder, brought it to the road, and that is it. Thanks engineer for all your hard work. Now go and talk about it…and tell everyone how you singlehandedly saved us from the flood by moving one sandbag!

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