Linkfest Thursdays: May 21st 2009


For this installment of linkfest Thursday – check out the sites I have found in the last few days:

  • Colors Palette Generator If you are looking to create a color palette and you want to use certain colors from an image – this is the place to go. You can upload any image and it will create a color palette based on those colors. Slick!
  • Repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope Check out these mind blowing (because they are so crisp and clear) photos of the repair work of the Hubble Telescope
  • The Best Article Every Day This is not a new site – but I wanted to highlight it because it is still one of my favorites. If you are using RSS – add it to your list. If you are not using RSS – you must still be back in 2003.
  • Free Social Network Icons and Bullets Need icons? Find them here.

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