Jappler Recommends: 2009 Finds


I have found a lot of really cool things over the last year and wanted to share my 2009 favorites before the year was over.


  • Cleaning Service The money spent on hiring someone to clean is worth every penny.
  • Dog Trainer With two more kids on the way – it was time we taught our dog some commands and respect. We have a trainer come to our house weekly and it is making a difference.
  • Find a Trustworthy Non-Dealer Car Repairman for the Non-Dealer Essentials Generally I am a car snob, but when a brake job is double at a dealer vs. at a friend’s trusted brake repair shop, it just makes sense to save the money. I finally ventured out of the dealer for brakes and tires.


Web Sites

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day I love astronomy and look forward to seeing the new picture each day. This really puts things in perspective for me on tough days.
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission You can easily keep track of all recalls (use the RSS feed).
  • Twitter If you still do not get it – it is too bad. This has by far changed how I keep in touch with people much more than Facebook. I actually get updates on people and not if they are playing Facebook game.


  • Three Potato Four (store) This is where you go to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything.
  • Playgrounder (store) If you have kids or shop for kids – this is where you can get some awesome ideas for kids of all ages
  • LEGO Apparel, Home & Outdoors (store) If you were a LEGO fan when you were little or still are today – check out the cool LEGO stuff (LEGO ice cube trays, watches, stationary, etc).


  • Venice the Series With Guiding Light no longer in existence, some of the actors from GL and other soap operas can be found on this web based soap opera put together by one of my all time GL favorites – Crystal Chappell.
  • Wedlocked Another web based series with some other GL stars.
  • The Universe The most amazing TV show I have seen in a long time, if not ever. I gasp at least once every episode after learning some new amazing fact about our Universe.

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Just watched the first Venice episode and tried diet cherry 7 up – both were excellent! # Crossing things off the to-do list…so far a productive day! # Nothing like a little Prodigy to wake up the soul… # Need to buy a new refrigerator this weekend – any opinions out there? #

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It is pretty wild seeing the new led lights everywhere as Christmas lights. The color is so different! # Don't ask for advice if you do not want it. # Up early for a big site migration! #