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2011 In Review

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This past year has been a wild ride. Nothing sticks out more than the Penn State/Joe Paterno firing and that will be a hard pill to swallow for quite some time. I spent the past month or so thinking, reflecting, and trying to make sense of it all. I have been completely consumed by it and need to break away from it and move my focus on more positive things. Just when you think everything is going well – the unexpected happens. With that said – 2011 was a pretty good year. I started going to estate sales and that... Read More » Read more

Featured Jappler Recommends

Jappler Recommends: 2009 Finds

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I have found a lot of really cool things over the last year and wanted to share my 2009 favorites before the year was over. General Cleaning Service The money spent on hiring someone to clean is worth every penny. Dog Trainer With two more kids on the way – it was time we taught our dog some commands and respect. We have a trainer come to our house weekly and it is making a difference. Find a Trustworthy Non-Dealer Car Repairman for the Non-Dealer Essentials Generally I am a car snob, but when a brake job is double at... Read More » Read more