The Rubik’s Cube


I have a friend that has been in the hospital for over a week now, and for fun her mother decided it might be nice to bring in some games, etc to play with as we wait in the waiting room. Well, two Saturdays ago, I decided it was time for me to finish something I started in the 1908s as a young child…the rubik’s cube. Three hours later, the same day, Susan’s grandmother was getting frustrated just watching…a week later, I am now the big joke. I keep getting really close (most sides with all the same color, then within a matter turns, the cube looks like garbage. I swear I will figure out the last few moves before the week is up and Susan is out of the hospital, but I hope she is out long before I finish. At least her mother is ready with the camera to take my picture when I master the cube.

If I can learn perl, I can master the rubik’s cube. I will figure this out.

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