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Most people that would be reading this are probably very familar with Apple’s web site and know that Mac OS X 10.4 is coming out later this month on April 29th. My random thought for the day…when is Apple going to update their web site design? Apple’s web site design has been very influencial over the past few years, but it is uncomfortably obvious they have outgrown the current design. The layout is still solid…top navigation, centered content, but the top navigation bar screams Mac OS X Cheetah: pin striping, candy buttons, and…Mac OS X. The content area screams Tiger: slick, shiny, and polished. I just have to wonder when Apple is going to update the top part of their web site to better fit in. For the first time in a long time, I can say I think Apple’s web site looks a little mismatched and because of that, it makes it look a little out of date. (Not quite like Sun out of date.)

As a web developer, I understand how much goes into a redesign and the concept of new. Users like their habits, and they do not always appreciate change because it forces them to break old habits and create new ones. But since I think Apple has a solid layout, I wish they would just release a new top navigation design. Just taking the pin striping out would most likely be enough.

Do not get me wrong, I like both looks Apple is sporting now, just not together. One has to imagine Apple will announce a new design soon, anyone want to take a stab at when? I say at the Developer’s Conference as they announce a breakthrough tool they then say “built with..”, but I have been dreaming of that for years. Come Apple, say goodbye to the pin striping if you are going to go with a black background in the content area. Come on.

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