Grand Theft Auto III Completed


Just when I thought I would not finish GTA III, I did. It was one of those nights where “just one more time and that is it” went through my mind many times. After I saved the girl, I popped out GTA III and put in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I have to say…the first car I hopped into was playing Michael Jackson, but I miss my RiseFM. The older cars are cool, but the motorcycles rocks! Hopefully I can finish this in record time so when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes out, I will be ready. Doug how about some help!?

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Dear Joe Paterno,

I had the honor of going to the Penn State v. Wisconsin game last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. After going to to the game, experiencing the crowd, and the listening to the media…all trying to blame you, I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much of an inspiration you have been […]