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Frustation lies everywhere, either you find it or you don’t…I seem to find it a lot, but finally I can laugh at most of it or at least brush it off. (How many years did that take?)
First up…Metra. Boarding my express train is like a Rage Against the Machine video and Metra finally did something about it, they no longer open the first two cars for people at my stop. It finally came to that. I think the older you get, the more rage you have boarding trains, and then comment and waive your fingers at the “out of control kids”.

Second…SoCom. I love SoCom, but get over that I am a girl and that I am good. I do not want to join your clan, and do not ask me how much I weigh or my hair color. Do you think I am interested in someone who plays SoCom all day? I barely like myself! 😉

Third we have that one person, who will remain nameless, that regardless of what others say, they always take credit. Me: I think this, that….Them 10 minutes later: Well I think this, that. Really. Thanks for playing, but unless you have a time delay in hearing and processing, I just said that 10 minutes earlier.

Is it time for a vacation? That sounds about right.

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