my newest sport: the daily commute.

Serenity Now!

In high school, I played basketball, volleyball, was on the golf team, on the track team and played some serious back yard football. I was very athletic. I miss playing all the sports I did when I was younger, but I have to say I am still using things I learned from all of the sports today, and everyday.

When I was in college, I mastered a different sport (besides beer pong with Ken…who I am confident we were by far the best team at PSU from 1996-1999)…I mastered “getting through a crowd effectively”. I now use that often when walking to and from my office in a large crowd of commuters. I also bring in some basketball experience to help out. I mastered the “pick” when I was young and I still find ways to use it effectively. Now, instead of having a teammate “picking” someone else so I could go in for a lay up, I know use street signs, stationary people, and any other object that I can to get where I need to go faster all the while other people struggle to move forward. (and do not worry, I am not one of the pushy people…just a person that slides through crowds really good, and someone you should get behind if you want the same.

My favorite move on the basketball court was the “box out” because I am short and I loved to hold back the taller people so I had a chance to rebound. I still find myself using that move today, when getting on the train with a bunch of crazies!

I was only on the track team for one year (conflicted with golf) but I did learn a few things about running to beat your opponent. Now, my opponent is time, and a pulling-away-from-the-station Metra. At the very beginning and end of the work day, I often find myself running to the train.

I still play golf, not as much as I would like, but the other “sports” keep me busy now. I long for the backyard football when life seemed so uncomplicated, but we all give and take . I try to enjoy the simple things in life (like details in my commute) and try to find humor in everything I do…and that is what is all about (well besides the tech posts that Amy skips over because they are “boring”).

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