Metra Rail and Police

Serenity Now!

Not sure what is going on…with all the elevated terror warnings my city and the Metra seem to think that putting six police officers at my train station to hand out ticketsto riders that run in front of the gates when they are down is a good idea. Sure, the Metra has a responsibility to educate the riders and community on the dangers of crossing in front of trains, but six police officers? Today marks the third day of us, at one stop, looking at six officers talk and stand around while the terrorists are out there!! Why aren’t they looking for suspicious people with suspicious packages? What? What was that? Oh…yes…the terrorists are not causing problems…but how convenient for the people in power to hold the threat over our head. I just thought of a great joke…what is the difference between our VP and Mr Bin Laden? Our VP has a heart condition. (they both hide out in caves, we know exactly where they are at all times, they are both paid by US money, and both are making millions off of the terror threat) I love our country, do not get me wrong, but it does not mean I have to love every administration, and free speech gives me the right to talk about it.

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