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Serenity Now!

You know the situation. You have friends that think you want to read their stupid forwards. How many times have I recieved an email from someone that said “just try it” or “what do you have to lose?” or “this really works!!!”. Sure. Thanks for just wasting my time deleting your message. Then, without doubt, I then get an email saying “I always email you and you never keep in touch.” Let’s get this straight…forwards are junk mail. Do not complain that I do not email back or keep in touch when you only send me forwards. Take a minute and actually compose an email to me and I will respond. Anyways, I was going through my bookmarks and came across a little funny commentary on forwards. Enjoy. Send me a forward? I will send you that link.

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happy birthday salsa! (and the iMac)

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Awesome Stuff

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