People's Effort Part 2


Last night we got hit with 4 inches or so of snow. Thankfully either the new gas or my dad cleaning the spark plug over the weekend worked…and the snowblower started up like a champ. As I finished up my driveway I noticed the neighbor that left the small strip of snow next to me the last snowfall – was out shoveling.

I glanced over at him and turned the snowblower the opposite way and did the other neighbor’s entire sidewalk. When I finished with that, I looked at Amy and asked her if she thought I should do the neighbor’s sidewalk on the other side (the one I have issues with) and she nodded yes and we then cleared his sidewalk as well. We got a “thank you” after it was finished, but I will not hold my breath for him to clear the foot or so of my sidewalk next time. Not everyone can sink to the levels of others – thank goodness!

2 thoughts on “People's Effort Part 2”

  1. Holly

    What a jerk! I have this long driveway and we got POUNDED with snow…let’s just say this…I watched about five neighbors plow and they all watched me shovel my ass off! People are jerks sometimes…but at least I got a workout, I suppose. As my mom says, being the bigger person in your case is endearing!

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